Thursday, August 30, 2012

Janji Di Third Party

It is our 55 years. A long journey that consists of our great grandparents, grandparents, parents, us and even our children. Together we remember every steps being made by our ancestors, from fighting for the country's independence and gave birth to us.

I have to admit that it is an unhealthy administration for a ruling coalition that has ruled for 55 years. The development is an undeniable result paper throughout the period. We treasured the parties' political leaders' efforts. A lot of Janji has been given and for sure not all promises can be fulfilled and achieved.

In view of our current political atmosphere, especially certain politicians fooling the people around with sensitive issues and unsound government policies pairing with some enactment of threatening legislation, it is always a dream for all Malaysian to shape a well legislated country.

The Prime Minister's effort to repeal certain legislation such as ISA should be credited. However, the amendment of S114A Evidence Act 1950 and other community issues such as cyanide in Bukit Koman, etc has yet to be resolved. Janji ditepati becomes janji di third party, never can be fulfilled.

Despite the aforementioned worrying issues, the proposed nuclear reactor is the most important issue to be tackled with as far as I concerns. I am not objecting the development of nuclear as it carries weight in generating new source of energy to the country but against the controlling, monitoring and maintaining system.  I have said before that although there ain't any natural disaster in this fortune country but we can't deny such disaster may exist some day. The question is are we really prepare for this?

More promises made to be exchanged with votes and hopes from the people.

The government hates assembly (regardless of permitted or illegal), but the people learnt and grew from the democracy process. The youngsters are the pillars of the country. They would have to understand the true democracy spirit and the development of the country. Yes they know what car is Datuk Lee Chong Wei using, and yes they know how many members in Girls Generation and what is Gangnam style. For the sake of the country, the democracy not only about casting vote into ballot box and shout for the election candidates that you favour for. Democracy is far beyond than that.

Empowerment of youths should steps into the main stream of the country's political agenda.

All the best to those who will attend tonight's Janji Demokrasi assembly. Know your rights if you being detained by the authority unfortunately.

Together in this meaningful 55 birthday's night, let's pray for a better Malaysia. Regardless of the ruling coalition, we demand Janji Di Third Party to be replaced with Janji Really Boleh Ditepati.

Happy Merdeka!

p/s: my 2010 Merdeka wishes :


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thumbs up for u

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