Tuesday, August 7, 2012

Yet To Be A Perception

Violent crime rates are reaching a worrying level. It is not a perception but facts. Indeed, everyone is struggling on how to prevent crimes. Valuables second, own safety comes first is currently the ultimate aim for the people.

It is undeniable that reducing criminal rates is one of the target for our present Government. The Office of the Prime Minister and PEMANDU nevertheless carrying several efforts to reduce the crime rates. From a series of chaos happened recently in some well known shopping malls, it is detectable that the climbing up criminal rates is no more a perception.

On the other hand, our police force still persuading the public not to engage with the statistics and information from social medias. Our Inspector General of Police told the public must not base their comments on the data via unreliable sources. In other words, the people's perception is inaccurate with the statistics built by the police force.

Despite the printed media keep rolling on publishing the crimes, our Cabinet's Ministers firmly denied the worrying statistics and blamed the public's perception should not took place. Published news definitely will creates worries and negative perception, however it should be well noted that the series of reports were facts. It might be commented that such innovative crime cases which took place recently were only "special occasions" as told by some ministers, but the government should be able to listen to the public's concerns, feelings and thoughts in view of the present crime cases.

In other words, the effort of reducing the crimes should be able to develop progressively and simultaneously with comforting the public's worries and perception. Importantly, the media should not be blamed for blowing out the news as it prospectively alert the public on preventing crimes. A credit should be granted to a TV broadcasting company for producing a show on how to against street crimes effectively.

Not to forget that the criminals will come out with innovative and creative ideas in committing crimes. The police force should be able to foresee or keep updating with any latest criminals patterns and behaviors from time to time.

Prevention is always better than cure, and it is always a stupid move to announce the crime rates have dropped by ignoring the public's perception.

IGP: Perception of crime rates should not be based on social media reports

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