Tuesday, November 6, 2012

Story of a Joker

This is an update following my last article on how the Developer tried to exploit and deprive the rights of strata building purchasers.

Link: Know Your Right As A Strata Building Purchaser

Further to that, my condominium has finally formed the ever first Joint Management Body ("JMB") last Saturday after numerous obstacles and difficulties. Instead of hoping the twelve men committee to lead the managing office, all residents should be united and co-operate with them for the sake of community.

There is something I wish to highlight after the formation of JMB, which I think it is a common phenomena, but I have encounter it with a very offensive manner, and I counter it with a very polite and serious way. I shall elaborate the story further.

Prior to the formation of JMB, we (the residents) is in a heat with the developer due to the developer tried to defer the first Annual General Meeting despite vacant possession has been delivered to the purchasers near to one year. There was a resident, I would name him Mr. A here (to prevent unnecessary libel or defamation, lol), who has shown brilliant and courageous comments right to the developer.

The first impression to him - a hero that enlighten us, fearless when scolding the developer's representative. He did not participated in the election and thus he is not part of the JMB's team.

However, right after the formation of JMB, he proposed a rewarding scheme to the JMB Committee via our common e-group. Basically, he laid down how many months maintenance fees to be waived according to respective position ie 4 months for President, 3 months for Secretary, etc.

Hence, your very first logical thinking will dominate your ignorant mind and told you that it is inappropriate to make such suggestion after the AGM. Since I am not part of the JMB thus I took a silent stand. As expected, many residents and committees expressed different views, to justify their views on accepting or rejecting the proposed plan.

This is a nonsensical proposal due to its legitimacy. What I meant is the so called "proposal" should not take place in any discussion in any means because such proposal or resolution could only can be passed in the AGM and/or EGM.

The story extended:-

I received email this morning from Mr. A about his superb and distinctive views. He challenged those who rejected the proposal to be part of the committee (so we would know the tiring job and efforts contributed by the committee).

Further, he mentioned in a questionable manner that "what kind of followers we want to be if we believe in god?", "does our god poor?". I couldn't express his opinion entirely but I managed to catch his gist roughly.

I felt so insulted to read the "god" part and I immediately directed an email in the e-group to justify my rejection on his brilliant proposal. I am glad that other residents and committees backing me up. In the end, Mr. A changed his "rewarding" to "token appreciation". Regardless of any wording he uses it would be illegitimate and inflicting sensitivity among the residents. In short, it is a threat to the newly formed JMB and would affect their reputation and duties.

Sometimes life is fill with colors and obstacles. My instinct told me, chill and be relaxed with this kind of joker. Life is so short and we must be glad that they made our life become interesting and worth to be treasured.

What a joker!

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