Thursday, November 8, 2012

A Happy "Family Law" Case

A happy "family law" case marked another milestone for the Chiam's family as the mother and son both called to the bar on the same day.

More details can be found here: Family Trio Who Are All About Law

What an impressive family. Both the mother and son helped each other throughout the chambering process, which it is rarely can happen.

However, the mother, Phoon has commented on the legal profession. She mentioned that the legal profession is a Noble profession, which has the capacity and opportunity to help the poor and underprivileged.

In fact, I am in opinion that a lawyer must has the passion and further undertakes to help the needy in this society. Rewards, or the earning is relatively important but the hand would need to be lend to those in need.

Since a lawyer can be the guardian of justice, nevertheless a lawyer would have to take up the social responsibility in any means, or in any capacity which he/she affords to.

(Photo taken from The Star)

There is always a question of justice.

A normal citizen without law knowledge would say justice could be reached in the judiciary system.

How about lawyers? Is damages or money compensation a kind of justice?

I met numerous lawyers, and certainly they can't affirm on that.

When there is injustice occurs then there will only justice available to be achieved.

Sincerely, congratulations to the Chiam's family, and hope the newly admitted advocates & solicitors, the mother, Phoon (56 years old) and the son, Chiam (25 years old) could hold tight to their pledge.

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